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1" Fusible Quilt & Craft Grid
Sku #: BOSA-327B

Price: CAD6.80 (USD5.16) per yard   

15" Hexagon Placemat Craft Pack
Sku #: BOSA-PM5

Create your own set of four hexagon shaped placemats with Bosal Craft-Tex plus double-sided fusible interfacing.

Simply add your favorite fabric to both sides, apply a press cloth and press.

Then sew bias or simple trim around the edge.

Price: CAD16.00 (USD12.14) each   


16" Round Placement Craft Pack
Sku #: BOSA-PM3

BOSAL: Craf-Tex Round Placemat Craft Pack. This double-sided fusible material is easy to turn into placemats: just add your favorite fabric to both sides; fuse; and sew the edges.

This package contains four 16 inch circle fusible pieces. Machine washable.

Price: CAD12.00 (USD9.11) each   


2" Quilters Grid
Sku #: BOSA-327

Bosal 2 inch Fusible Grid

White - Measures 48 inches in Width

Used in the creation of Watercolor Quilts and Bargello Quilts and Projects

Price: CAD6.62 (USD5.02) per yard   


2" Watercolor Grid
Sku #: BOSA-427

Bosal 2" Watercolor Grid

Lightweight Fusible Nonwoven with Preprinted 2" grid

fusible Nonwoven with 2"printed grid for precise piecing of quilting projects. great for Wall Hangings, Watercolor and Bargello Quilts using 2: cut fabric squares

Measures 48" by 36"

Price: CAD8.60 (USD6.53) each   


Bosal Envy Silk Black
Sku #: BOSA-358
Bosal Envy Silk Stabilizer

20 inches in width

100% Polyester - black

fusible, sheer woven polyester stabilizer for Dupioni and other sheer products where you would like a light stabilizer

Price: CAD5.54 (USD4.20) per yard   


Bosal Envy Silk White
Sku #: BOSA-357

Bosal Envy Silk

Fusible Sheer Polyester woven stabilizer

Great for Dupioni and other sheer fabrics

Price: CAD5.54 (USD4.20) per yard   


Bosal Heat Moldable
Sku #: BOSA-490

Bosal Heat Moldable

Use for fabric bowls, boxes, vases, kids crafts, costumes... mold to your shape

Stiffness that permits you to heat the material and mold it into any shape!

20" by 36"

Shaping is made easy with Bosal's Heat-Moldable

Price: CAD14.60 (USD11.08) each   


Bosal In-R-Form Plus Fusible Foam Stabilizer
Sku #: BOSA-493B-18

Double sided fusible

Laminated to Napped Tricot

Soft and Formable

Easy to Stitch

Needle Friendly

58" x 18" Off White

Price: CAD16.38 (USD12.43) per pkg   


Bosal In-R-Form Unique Sew In Foam Stabilizer
Sku #: Bosa-495SB-36


Unique Sew In Foam Stabilizer


Single Sided Fusible

Laminated to Napped Tricot

Soft and Formable

Easy To Stitch

Needle Friendly

36" by 58"

Price: CAD26.20 (USD19.89) per package   

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