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Hobbs Thermore Batting
Sku #: hobb-tmby45
Description - 100% Polyester, non bearding white batting. Ultra Thin comes on the roll and is 45" in width. This is a cadillac in the quilting world Use - Hand quilting, clothing, table runners etc. Extra shipping charges may apply to batting. Customer will be emailed with final ivoice upon processing order.

Price: CAD8.98 (USD6.74) per meter   

Hobbs Thermore Batting
Sku #: HOBTM90
**NEW Patented Process: Eliminates Fibre Migration - 100% Slick/Hollow Polyester Fibre - Machine or Hand Washable - Non-Allergenic. The Premier Batting for fine, quilted projects. Ultra Thin - Non Bearding - Queen Size 90"x 108". Approx. Loft 1/16" - Non Shrinkage - Max. Distance between stitches is 9" - Great for hand and machine quilting! - Excellent for both light and dark fabrics!

Price: CAD29.98 (USD22.49) each   

Hobbs Thermore Batting for Quilted Clothing
Sku #: HOBTM54
Size 54" x 45". This unique and patented product was developed as a thin, drapable, migration free polyester batt. Thermore® is now considered the premium polyester batting for apparel, miniatures and other projects requiring a thin, non-bearding batting. Thermore® can be quilted up to 6-8” apart and is wonderful to quilt by hand or machine.

Price: CAD13.98 (USD10.49) per pkg.