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Patterns - Vendor - Antler Quilt Design

Butterfly Garden
Sku #: AQD0231
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Topper: 21in x 21in, Throw: 54in x 75in & Queen: 75in x 96in. Required tool: EBD01 3-1/2in Small Paths Acrylic Template from Elisa's Backporch

Price: CAD10.00 (USD7.59) each   

Classic Rendition 1 & 2
Sku #: AQD0212
2-1/2in Strip Quilt. Throw 48in x 48in, Lap 60in x 72in & bonus topper options 24in x 24in and 33in x 33in

Price: CAD9.00 (USD6.83) each   

Sku #: AQD 0228
Cobblestones by Doug Leko, Quilt Antler Designs

Price: CAD12.98 (USD9.85) each   

Fall Impressions Pattern
Sku #: AQD0255
Big pieces, super fast, and fun! That's what Fall Impressions gives you. Fat quarter friendly!

Lap: 48in x 64in
Throw: 64in x 80in
King: 96in x 128in

Price: CAD13.50 (USD10.25) each   

Moose Trax - Centerpiece
Sku #: AQD0109
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Runner 21in x 44in. Optional applique silhouettes stencils (LBQAS01)

Price: CAD6.50 (USD4.93) each   

Moose Trax - Rustic Star
Sku #: AQD0105
37in x 37in

Price: CAD6.50 (USD4.93) each   

Moose Trax - Skipping Stones
Sku #: AQD0101
40in x 40in

Price: CAD6.50 (USD4.93) each   

Sku #: AQD0219
Topper 47in x 47in, Throw 63in x 79in, Queen 95in x 111in One block six layouts.

Price: CAD9.00 (USD6.83) each   

Taylored Stars
Sku #: AQD0205
Throw 72in x 96in, Queen 96in x 96in

Price: CAD9.00 (USD6.83) each   

Triple Twenty
Sku #: AQD0239
Select any of the DIFFERENT designs and choose some fat quarters.

Price: CAD19.95 (USD15.14) each   
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