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Cut Rite Charm Maker
Sku #: QP80011
Cut perfect 5in squares simply & easily with no measuring & no mistakes. Use the cross-hair lines to position exactly where you want to cut. Can also use to cut 2-1/2in squares.

Price: CAD8.69 (USD6.08) each   

Something Borrowed 5" Stacker
Sku #: 5-8420-42
This 5" Stacker precut bundle includes 42 pieces from the Something Borrowed collection by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs. Each print will be included 2-3 times in the bundle.

Price: CAD16.50 (USD11.55) each   

Flannel Whales Pink
Sku #: F6600-PINK
100% Cotton This double napped flannel for Riley Blake Designs features whales and is perfect for blankets, quilts and quilt backs

Price: CAD15.00 (USD10.50) per yard   

Seam Fix Seam Ripper and Awl
Sku #: 953
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The newest addition to the Seam Fix family of products. This multi purpose tool has protective caps to cover the tools for storage, but also function as handles during use. A handy tool to keep next to your sewing machine.

Price: CAD18.00 (USD12.60) each   

Midnight Rose 2 1/2" Rolie Polie
Sku #: RP-8650-40
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This 2 1/2" Rolie Polie precut bundle includes 40 pieces from the Midnight Rose collection by Gabrielle Neil Design Studio for Riley Blake Designs

Price: CAD54.00 (USD37.80) each   

Clover Swift Bead
Sku #: 2300CV
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Quickly string your beads with Clover's Swift Bead needles. Great to use for crochet or knitting with beads.

Price: CAD14.35 (USD10.05) each   

Add-Enough Ruler 4in x 10in
Sku #: CMAE
Designed to help determine how big to cut fabric pieces when paper piecing. You no longer have to cut a piece of fabric and hope it is large enough to fix.

Price: CAD6.24 (USD4.37)    

Cottage At Cardiff Farms Cranberries Button Pack
Sku #: CCFE007

Price: CAD11.25 (USD7.88) each   

Ergonomic Thread Snips
Sku #: OG2063
Omnigrid thread snip scissors are sure to fill most of your sewing project needs. They are made with stainless steel blades and soft cushion handles for your comfort. They will also make your projects fatigue free. Ergonomic Thread Snips- Extra sharp blades. Perfect for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Fits comfortably in hand for making small and precise cuts.

Price: CAD19.36 (USD13.55) each   

Iron Cleaner Cloths
Sku #: BO5003
The easy way to clean your iron's surface!

IRON CLEAN Your Secret Weapon for Removing: Fusibles Facings Sticky Residues .. Just wipe your hot iron over the cleaning cloth with a paper towel or rag underneath

The more you wipe the more your remove

**Fast, easy, no unpleasant smell

**Each cloth is reusable several times

**You get 10 reusable cleaning clothes per package

Price: CAD5.85 (USD4.10) each   
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