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Newest Additions

Wing Clipper
Sku #: UDT07
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The Wing Clipper is a must have tool if you are making Flying Geese units for your quilt. This tool, and the associated Fast Flying Geese construction technique, allow you to make four finished units from five squares.

Price: CAD32.00 (USD22.40) each   

Tucker Trimmer
Sku #: UDT03
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The Tucker Trimmer tool was designed to help quilter's quickly and easily trim down units that are made with triangles: half square triangle squares, quarter square triangle squares (hourglass units), and combinations of half square and quarter square triangle squares (combination units). It has multiple diagonals which allow you to align ruler guide lines with unit seam lines to quickly locate the exact center of pieced units.

Price: CAD29.50 (USD20.65) each   

Silicone Appli-Fuse Mat 12in x 18in
Sku #: TGQ026
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The Silicone Appli-Fuse Mat is made of a silicone and glass fiber material that is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C.). That means it is the perfect surface for all of your fusing, ironing, and gluing needs.

Price: CAD45.00 (USD31.50) each   

Creative Grids Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in x 24-1/2in
Sku #: CGR224
This 2-1/2 inch x 24-1/2 inch rectangle ruler is the perfect size! It fits cleanly on your mat without any overhang, and cutting directly off the bolt has never been easier! The ruler features easy-to-read black and white markings printed in 1 inch grids marked in 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch increments. Use the easy-to-read, black numbers (printed on white dots) and the 1/4 inch grip sides to cut whole inches. The 1/4 inch dashed lines printed on two adjoining sides aid in trimming seam allowances. Use the patented Turn-A-Round feature, designated by the easy to read, numerical white numbers (printed on black dots) and the 1/2 inch grip sides, to add the 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Price: CAD25.62 (USD17.93) each   

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Taj
Sku #: CGRQTA5
Inspired by the dome of the Taj Mahal, Taj is perfect for quilting curvy, pointed arcs on your quilts. This versatile tool can be used in all areas of your quilt, including borders, blocks and backgrounds. Designed by machine quilting teacher and author, Angela Walters, this tool does double duty!

Price: CAD27.50 (USD19.25) each   

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Squiggy
Sku #: CGRQTA4
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Squiggy may look different that your normal machine quilting ruler, but trust us, it's your go-to ruler for machine quilting serpentine lines and wavy designs. The serpentine line is a curvy design that's perfect for quilt borders and sashings. It adds beautiful texture and depth to your quilts, but can be difficult to free-motion quilt. Angela Walters, machine quilting teacher and author, designed Squiggy after the realization that this design was one that a majority of quilters struggle with.

Price: CAD27.50 (USD19.25) each   

Magic Pins Quilting Fine 50pc
Sku #: 219560
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Comfort Grip, Heat Resistant, 50pc. Taylor Seville Originals Notions make your sewing life easier. The Comfort Grip Magic Pins Fine Quilting are 1 3/4" and .5mm. They have a comfort grip head that makes picking up and maintaining a grip on the pin, easy.

Price: CAD13.75 (USD9.63) each   

Jelly Roll Sasher
Sku #: PQW-JRS
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Fold Jelly rolls with batting/wadding quickly and easily with this nifty tool. No need to iron the strips - just feed the layered strips into the Sasher in your lap and then feed the folded strips directly to your sewing machine for stitching. Great tool for use with the Jelly Roll Rug, bags, bowls etc.

Price: CAD15.62 (USD10.93) each   

Creative Grids Machine Quilting Tool - Slim
Sku #: CGRQTA2
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Want to master machine quilting with rulers but not sure where to start? It's time for you to meet Slim, your new home machine quilting best friend. Angela Walters, machine quilting author and teacher, designed slim with you in mind! This versatile ruler is the perfect way to finally get comfortable using rulers while machine quilting.

Price: CAD27.50 (USD19.25) each   

Silk Glasshead Pin Size 30 - 1-1/4in 100ct
Sku #: 2501CV
Pins are great use for thin fabrics. Head is made of iron proof glass. Size: 0.50 x 36 mm.

Price: CAD7.45 (USD5.22) each   
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